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  • rebooting a band

    we are all being recreated. every day. one year from now, just physiologically, you and i will have an entirely new set of cells from the ones we have right now. and, on top of that, our creator is renewing our hearts, our souls, and our minds.

    for the last 18 months or so, i have been on a personal journey of re-creation. not all of it has been pleasant. personally, i have struggled with what it means to maintain healthy friendships and how to create boundaries. i got married in june, which has brought immense joy to my life. i am seeing my two daughters grow - physically, emotionally, spiritually.

    every day, i am forced to dismantle any idea of what “normal” is and adapt to the newly created environment by which i am surrounded. i have to make a conscious effort to accept new love, new mercy, and new grace from God, to keep my soul from rejecting the new heart that is transplanted in me daily. these are parts of my journey that i hope to share with you throughout the year.

    as a band, we have experienced a re-creation, as well. at the beginning of 2014 we needed to take a step back and reevaluate our priorities, ask God for a fresh vision and take a deep, restful, and much-needed breath of fresh air. we saw some dear friends step away from our community. we had to learn, or rather re-learn, what God had put us together to do. we also saw God’s faithfulness, as we had an opportunity to lead worship for group publishing’s kidmin conference for the fourth year in a row, and produced an ep of christmas songs which we released digitally at the end of november. and, we have a new, permanent rehearsal space that we are able to utilize as often as we need, along with the technology and equipment to record our rehearsals or whatever else happens to come to mind.

    along with this rebooting process has come a fresh vision for who we are and what we feel called to do as a band. we took a long look at what we love and what we don’t love as much, what we feel we’re good at and what we should either work harder at or set aside entirely. we came to two conclusions...

    first of all, we are a worship band. we’re not a coffee shop band. we’re not a folk-rock band. we are a worship band, and we feel that we are called to lead worship, to create environments and experiences where people can connect their heart to God’s heart, to motivate, inspire, empower, and equip people from all walks of life and stages of belief to live a life of worship.

    second, we want to connect with people. when we lead worship somewhere, we don’t just want to be “the band.” we want to talk to you. we want to hear your stories, your struggles, your joys. we want to know how we can pray for you. we want to create a sense of community that goes beyond the one or two times a year we may see you at an event or worship service. none of us can do this life alone. so we want to make every effort, whether in person or from a distance, to make an honest, lasting, and impactful connection with you.

    in short, we’re about two things: connecting people to God (worship) and connecting people to each other (community).

    so, what is this going to look like in 2015? first of all, we know that we need to provide more resources to encourage all of us in our worship. for us that looks like putting new music in your hands this year. we’ve been so encouraged by the responses we continue to receive about begins again, but 3 years is quite long enough for you all to wait for some new music. we’ll be working hard to get plenty of new worship music out this year.

    second, we’re going to be actively (perhaps even aggressively) pursuing opportunities to get out and lead worship more in 2015. our goal is to be playing somewhere besides our “usual haunts” at least once a month this year. to find out where we’ll be worshiping, you can look at the dates section of this website. also, if you’d like us to play at your church or to lead worship for an event you have scheduled, please, please, PLEASE contact us. we would LOVE to partner with you in worship this year. just don’t be afraid to reach out, especially if you’re worried about paying us a certain amount of money. we’re about worship and community not money and fame, so we’re more than happy to work within your budget if it means being able to worship and connect with a new group of people.

    third, we’re going to do more to reach out and connect with you using all the technology we have at our disposal, especially this website. if you don’t already, please follow us on twitter and instagram, “like” our facebook page, and sign up for our email list. we’ll be sending out little nuggets of encouragement, inspiration, humor, and whatever else we think will keep us all running after the heartbeat of God as often as we are able. we’ll try our best not to be annoying! oh, and if you think anyone else would be encouraged by our music, message, or vision please tell them about us. word of mouth is a huge help for little ol’ independent artists like the brian davis band.

    i’m sure we’ll all be writing more about this in the weeks to come, but i wanted to give you all an overview of where the bdb is headed this year. be sure to check the website often, and do not hesitate to reach out at any time. know that we love you, we appreciate you, and we’re looking forward to worshiping our God together in 2015.

    -brian (and the bdb)