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  • did you miss us?

    Hey friends. Once again, so sorry we’ve been out of touch for so long. Sometimes life is just…well, it’s just difficult. I know you understand, but let me ‘splain…

    Back in July, we announced that we were beginning work on a new EP of worship tunes for your ears, but we decided to take on the entire recording process on our own. While it has proved to be a lot of fun, it has also been really time consuming for 4 humans who already have jobs and families and lives outside of music. Needless to say, we’ve been working hard and should have everything ready to give to you later this month!

    But our schedules weren’t the only things that put a little hiccup in our plans. Not long after we started recording, it was discovered that Sean, our drummer, had a cancerous tumor in his shoulder that would need to be removed and would require several courses of treatment with radiation and chemotherapy. Obviously, this has had a bigger impact on us as a band than just our latest recording endeavor. We’ve all been stumbling along, trying to figure out how to support our friend and brother through this, as well as his wife and daughter.

    Around the same time, we learned that my older brother, who had battled a brain tumor about 5 years ago, had been diagnosed with another (and much worse) kind of brain tumor. As my family learns how to walk with a family member who has been given a terminal diagnosis, we have been surrounded by lots of prayer and support. Needless to say, the biggest lesson we have learned as a band in this season is that cancer sucks but God is still good and reigning and mysterious and loving. But mostly, cancer sucks.

    But July wasn’t all bad—we were super excited to welcome Chuck’s (our violin player) shiny new daughter into the world, Charlie. Chuck and his wife have been adjusting well to life with a new baby, and as a band we’ll be learning some lessons in volume restraint when we rehearse in his basement!

    In between jobs and babies and cancer treatments, we’ve still been able to get out and lead worship, which always has been a great outlet for us to process all our stuff, the good and the bad, in the presence of God and in community with other followers. We’ve been humbled and honored to lead worship at some great churches, reconnecting with some old friends, played at HeavenFest, and were honored to be invited back to my old stomping grounds, Flatirons Community Church, for Merge (their young adult ministry) and Shift (their INCREDIBLE recovery ministry).

    So, there’s a little update for you. I’m going to try to get better at sending these things out, and you can count on seeing another update with news about the NEW ALBUM in about a week or so. Other things coming down the trail: A redesign of the website, a possible night of Christmas worship, an online store, and hopefully some dates for 2016. If you’d like to get in touch with the band, fire us an email at, or send us a message through the contact page on our website. In the meantime, here are some ways you can be praying for us:

     - Pray for Sean as he will be undergoing 3 more rounds of chemotherapy between now and the first of the year; pray for strength, joy, patience, and grace for him and his family.

     - Pray for Brian’s brother Greg as he continues battling a brain tumor, and for the Davis family as they strive to love Greg and his family well through this difficult time.

     - Pray for Chuck and his wife as they adjust to life with a new baby!

     - Pray that the new album will be a great resource for people who are trying to integrate worship into every aspect of their lives and that it would be an encouragement to everyone who hears it.

    Thanks for all your love and support! Know that we love you, too! I’ll be in touch soon…


    brian (+ the band)