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    Hey friends! I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from us/me. So, here’s a quick update:

    After twenty years in local church ministry, I’ve decided to step away from my full-time position at Mission Hills Church (where I’ve served since 2011) and explore some new possibilities. I’m really excited to let you know that I’m now working with Torn Curtain Arts, a non-profit company started by my friend Paul Romig-Leavitt several years ago. 

    Our mission will be to create events and cultivate content for the spiritually homeless—those who have walked away from or feel excluded by the Church but still feel a deep spiritual connection. We hope to engage these folks through social media, blogs, video content, podcasts, and worship events with the goal of drawing them back in to an authentic Spiritual practice that moves them closer to the heart of Jesus. We put on our first event last week, a contemplative de-centering practice based on the Stations of the Cross called “Darkness,” which was graciously hosted by New Denver Church and Belong Church. Please follow @torncurtainarts on Instagram and “Like” our page on Facebook to find out more about what’s next for TCA—and don’t forget to tell your friends!

    Of course, I’ll still continue my work with the briandavisband. In fact, we’ve got some new music coming out in the next two weeks that we’re really excited about, and we’re planning to release a new full-length album this year. Also, my partnership with Torn Curtain will be a partnership with the bdb as our desire to create authentic worship environments dovetails nicely with TCA’s mission to draw people in to authentic Spiritual practice. Keep an eye on all our socials (facebook, insta, twitter) for the latest from the briandavisband.

    Lastly, I still love the local church, and have taken a part-time position with New Denver Church. I’ve been involved with this community since 2010, and was thrilled when the opportunity came along for me to join their staff as Worship Arts Director. I’ll be leading worship there 2-3 times a month and helping to develop their artistic and worship culture.

    So, there are all the changes in a nutshell! Of course, the band and I would covet your prayers, as well as your prayers for Paul and TCA. But beyond that, if you can offer any financial support, we would be extremely grateful. My position at New Denver is part time, and the bulk of my income will come through support fundraising through Torn Curtain. I would love if you would consider partnering with me financially! To do so, just visit to give a one-time gift or pledge on-going support through Patreon. Questions? Feel free to send me a message through the contact form here on 

    Thanks for keeping up with the bdb and me! We’ll be in touch soon!