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    If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re trying to ramp things back up here in the briandavisband world. Last week we announced the launch of our new Patreon page. For those of you who may have missed it, Patreon is a fundraising website that allows people like you partner with creative folks like us to provide funding for both regular expenses and special projects. I wanted to take a second and explain in further detail how your partnership through Patreon will help the bdb.

    First and foremost, being a band comes with a certain amount of operational expenses: equipment costs, web hosting and social media marketing, and travel expenses for rehearsals and events, just to name a few.

    The cost of these operational expenses can start to add up over time, and often the honorariums we receive for events is just enough to pay band members for their time. Having some extra money in the bank account for these common expenses would help us keep our requested honorariums low (an incentive for most of the events we’re hired for, mostly church worship services), and ensures that most of that honorarium helps offset costs accrued from our members having to taking time off work (yes, most of us have “real” jobs).

    Secondly, your ongoing financial partnership with the briandavisband will help us produce new creative projects that we hope will help people engage in the practice of worship in new ways. Writing worship music is still our primary focus, and making that music available to the masses costs money—studio costs for recording, duplication of physical albums (some people still buy CDs), digital hosting and distribution, and marketing. We need your help to get people to engage with new songs that we feel God has placed on our hearts.

    Additionally, video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo are great ways for artists to get their music to audiences all over the world. Up to this point this has been an untapped resource for our band. We’d like to change that and jump in to the viral video world with quality content that helps people feel like they’re in the room worshiping with us. I’m sure many of us have experienced our share of low-quality worship music videos that are cringe-worthy, at best. Our desire is to work with video producers who share our vision for creating content that people want to watch and engage with. Through Patreon, you can be an integral part of making this kind of content a reality!

    Currently, we are working on a new LIVE worship experience which we hope to record in January 2019. For the past 6 months, we’ve been writing and rehearsing 14 new worship songs that we are praying will be used to draw people closer to the heart of God and move them to take what they experience in that intimacy with them in to their everyday lives—their jobs, their relationships, their communities. This is our first time tackling a project of this scope, and we would be honored if you would be a part of it!

    So, please take a look at the patreon page and consider how you might partner with us in this vision and new stage of ministry. Thank you for your support through prayer and encouragement, as well. We love the community that has formed around us and are humbled that we get to do this. We’re excited to continue doing it with YOU!